The Corporate Innovator Identity Crisis

Working with corporate innovators across different businesses and industries can create quite the identity crisis.

Depending on where you work, innovation could have a different definition and varying levels of impact on organizations. Many companies embrace innovation but do not have an innovation function (which is common), while some companies limit the innovation function to an incredibly limited scope. I like to think of corporate innovators as a community of changemakers, intrapreneurs, disruptors and growth leaders. They are passionate in their pursuit to find ways to transform companies and markets and provide new value to the world while driving sustainable growth within their business. Does this sound like you? Well, maybe you are indeed a corporate innovator, no matter your title.

Where Innovation Lives

Do you consider yourself a corporate innovator or change maker? Even if you don’t have innovation in your title, you may be in a role that is at the heart of leading change and long-term revenue growth. Here are some functions that are common in leading innovation or at least part of the corporate innovators community:

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