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Should You Blame Your CEO for Blocking Innovation? Or Is It You?

The CEO is the chief visionary, curating the culture and ensuring a balance of short-term execution with long-term strategy. Corporate culture creates an environment where the organization will commonly react to the tone and direction of the CEO. When it comes to growth and innovation, this can lead to generalizations such as: “My CEO is too conservative”, “Our CEO does not care about innovation or culture”, “We don’t have a very risk-tolerant CEO”, and “All our CEO cares about is short-term results in the business case.” These are common comments I hear when I speak to leaders and professionals in different companies. The question I then ask: Is your CEO really the obstacle to innovation or are you using them as an excuse?

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Innovation, brand, and corporate strategist with more than 25 years of experience in corporate, entrepreneurial, and civic roles. @disruptorstudio @atlchamber

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